Ticket Priority Levels and Response Times*

Low - Within 30 days of request

Includes product questions, feature requests and development issues. Also, this may include replacement items that we do not have or need to order. 

    • Intermittent problems with workstation but user still able to remain productive. 
    • Non-critical tutorial questions. 
    • User productivity may be slightly affected but never completely halted. 
    • User requesting assistance with copying or moving of non-critical files. 
    • Technical consultations for pending purchases. 

Medium - Within 14 business days of request

Routine support requests that impact a single user or non-critical software or hardware error.

    • Individual computer problems in computer labs.
    • Single user may be able to use other workstations to remain productive.
    • User productivity affected but not completely halted.
    • Frequently used software corrupted and needing re-installation.
    • Software/Hardware installations, upgrade, etc.

High - Within 72 hours

Not urgent, but a significant issue affecting a single user; or an issue that is degrading the performance and reliability of supported services; however, the services are still operational. Support issues that could escalate to Urgent if not addressed.

    • Setting up new user accounts which have been properly submitted.
    • Single user unable to use other workstations to remain productive. 
    • Printing issues for one or multiple users. 
    • Locked or restricted staff or faculty user accounts. 

Urgent - Day of request. (Depending on staff availability)

Represents a complete loss of service, with a problem or issue impacting a significant group of individuals or any mission critical issue affecting a single person. No workaround exists.

    • Critical network server is down. 
    • Entire computer lab is down. 
    • A portion of the network is down (connectivity lost). 
    • Administrative application/system down. 
    • E-mail not routing or down. 
    • Campus Internet connection is lost or slows enough to drop connections. 
    • Designated key users impacted by issues. 

Note: For perceived Urgent requests, you must follow up a ticket with a phone call.

*Response time commitments do not promise a complete resolution within the stated time frames.